My name is Mia.
Some artsy, nonsuperfical black chick. 19. Memphis is my home yet I'm headed to the east coast after college. Pisces (February 22).
College student. graphic design major at Memphis College of Art! P.C.O.S. awareness activist.
10 random facts about me

I don’t know who I would tag this to, but it’s whatever

1. My favorite season is autumn (or fall). It’s not too cold or hot for the most part. 

2. Two is a special number in my life. I don’t know why… but it is.

3. I hate ceiling lights. Well, more like ceiling fans with lights. I just can’t. I love natural lighting and lamps.

4. I want kids one day, but the whole pregnancy literally weirds me the fuck out…. like in an abnormal way. Yes, I know. I’m being fucking nine.  

5. I do daily brain exercises so I can remember better. I leave stuff out, misplace things, etc… so I can make life easier for myself.

6. I always questioned my sexuality while growing up…. (Now, I know I’m demisexual.)

7. Owning a BMW really sucks balls around my age. (Fancy pansy)

8. Eating too much salty food makes me feel angrier.  

9. I’m a big nerd for bold colors… especially for bold primary colors.

10. I think I’m somewhat a workaholic… I don’t know. I just believe it. I’m barely sleeping and always doing something.


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